A project of the French ANR (2020 Call)

The VPFlows project is funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, as part of the AAPG 2020 (PRC) program in the CE 46 panel “Numerical models, simulations, applications”.

Theme: Challenging the numerical simulation of viscoplastic flows: cross-comparison with physical experiments

Project's reference #: ANR-20-CE46-0006

Timeline: it is a 48 months project


Institutional partners:
This project originates form previous programs of the CNRS through:


2020 12 16: Kick-off meeting at the ANR (visio) for CE 46 projects (5' each). VPFlows made its speed-dating.

2021 03 17: Kick-off meeting of VPFlows Project with all team members. Visioconference due to sanitary conditions. It's on.

2021 06 18: Meeting with all team members to work on the Data Management Plan (DMP) and workflow for the VPFlows Project. Visioconference.

2021 08 25: The INSMI announces the creation of the GdR CNRS MathGeoPhy (Math for fluid and solid geophysical surface envelopes) from 2022 to 2026. VPFlows is quite involved in this GdR, notably with Pierre Saramito and Paul Vigneaux. Website is here

2021 10 01: VPFlows welcomes C. Berger (ENS Grant) and C. Ginot (ANR Grant) as two PhD students joining the project!

2021 11 27: Popularization Action: The Institute of Mathematics for Planet Earth (IMPT) was created in 2021. For the beginning of its activities, IMPT organized an inaugural event for a general public audience at the famous Musée des Confluences in Lyon: Paul Vigneaux and Guillaume Chambon were invited to present their work associated to the VPFlows project. They were one of the four groups invited to illustrate the fruitful interaction between mathematics and geophysics. More details here and there

2021 12 13: Popularization Action: "Mathematical evenings of Lyon" (a.k.a. SML, Soirées mathématiques de Lyon.) P. Vigneaux made a presentation on mathematical modelling of avalanches @ Ecole Centrale de Lyon. SML in brief: Created in 2012, they are primarily aimed at post-baccalaureate science students (in university, preparatory class, engineering school, ...), but also at any interested public (amateurs, teachers, researchers, ...). More details here and there

2022 01 17: Creation of the GdR CNRS MathGeoPhy (Math for fluid and solid geophysical surface envelopes) from 1.1.2022 for five years. INSMI press release here

2022 09 01: Paul Vigneaux is moving from Lyon to Amiens on a new full professor position at the LAMFA

2022 09 13: VPFlows delivers several talks at the 14th European Fluid Mechanics Conference (13-16 September 2022, Athens - Greece). EFMC14

2022 10 01: VPFlows welcomes M. Wallon (ANR Grant) as a new PhD student joining the project at LAMFA in Amiens!

2022 11 17: VPFlows paper accepted in Cement & Concrete Research (IF: 11.958). DOI. HAL.

2023 03 19: VPFlows paper accepted in Computers and Mathematics with Applications. Preprint HAL. DOI.


All publications of the project will be available on the HAL Open Archive Repository: the dedicated page is here or there (ANR portal).

The project provides a Data Management Plan (DMP) through DMP Opidor.

Related web sites:

Institut des Mathématiques pour la Planète Terre: a GIS of CNRS (officially created May 20th, 2021).

GdR CNRS EGRIN: Gravitational flows and Natural hazards. From 2013 to 2021. Then followed by MathGeoPhy →

GdR CNRS MathGeoPhy was created Jan 1st 2022, for five years. Math for fluid and solid geophysical surface envelopes.